Live Streaming

TouchCast Studio live streaming is available only to TouchCast Enterprise customers and those with a partner ID. Email for more information if you are curious about becoming a partner.

1. Log into your channel

Log into your channel

To start, make sure you’re logged into your channel and enter the studio from a theme or existing project.

2. Prepare vApps, whiteboards, etc

Prepare vApps, whiteboards, etc

Once you’re in the studio, prepare your TouchCast like you normally would with vApps, whiteboard drawings and effects like the green screen.

3. Tap "Live" in the bottom left

Tap "Live" in the bottom left

When you’re ready to prep your live broadcast, tap on the “Live” tab on the bottom left. You will see a button called “Stream Live” -- tap this to setup your stream. This button does NOT take you live.

4. Tap "Stream Live"

Tap "Stream Live"

5. Tap "settings" to set up your live stream

Tap "settings" to set up your live stream

6. Set up your live stream

Set up your live stream

Now you see the Live tab interface. Tap on the settings to name and describe your live stream; to record a copy of the stream to your iPad so that you can edit the video later; protect the stream with a pin code; turn commenting on or off -- and if on, you have the option to moderate the comments before they appear to your audience. There are advance settings to manage the bit rate to match your network connection. Make sure to Apply any changes you made in the settings.

7. Share your stream

Share your stream

If your settings are ready and your presentation is set up, then you’re ready to go live. But first share the link to your stream by tapping the Share Link button and pick the tool to pass the link to your audience. Alternatively you can share the permanent Channel link for your live broadcasts (

Viewers can watch your live touchcast from desktop or mobile. We recommend desktop browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Windows Edge and Mac Safari for full TouchCast interactivity.

8. Go Live!

Go Live!

Once you’ve sent the link, just tap the stream icon -- you’ll see the countdown and now you’re broadcasting. Hello world!

9. Monitor viewers, comments and connection strength

Monitor viewers, comments and connection strength

Down here you can see your connection strength and how many viewers and comments your stream has.

If you are moderating comments, you need to use a second device with a browser to approve or reject comments. Just visit your live channel URL ( and then add “/moderate” to the end ( You will have to log into the same account that’s hosting the broadcast. Now you can see all of the comments that need moderation. Once you approve a comment, it will appear in your touchcast stream for all viewers to read.

Even if you’re not moderating comments, we strongly suggest opening your stream like a viewer on a second device (with the sound muted!) so that you can read the comments as they appear. Comments do not show inside the Studio app while you stream. Neither do thumbs up.

10. You can add vApps while live streaming

You can add vApps while live streaming

Should you need to create a vApp in the middle of the broadcast, feel free to do that -- your viewers will not see your navigation as you prepare the vApp. But be careful not to use a vApp that requires authentication (like DropBox if you haven’t already authenticated previously) as this authentication will often bounce you out of the Studio app thus pausing or breaking your live stream.

You can pause your stream at any point and resume. But pausing for more than three minutes will end your stream.

11. Finish your live stream

Finish your live stream

Finally, when you’re done streaming, press the Done button in the top right corner of Studio.

12. Choose thumbnail, title and description

Choose thumbnail, title and description

Choose the thumbnail and name and description for the broadcast archive. Then tap Save.

13. Get saved raw stream and it's link

Get saved raw stream and it's link

You’ll be presented with a confirmation of the saved raw stream and its link.

If you opted to save a local copy of the video on your iPad, then after you tap Done you will be taken to the editor to edit the video.

14. Edit your local copy

Edit your local copy

After you edit the video, you may export and upload a new version (creating a new link) to share.

15. Save and share local copy

Save and share local copy

Save and share your local copy of your live stream. That’s all you need to know to broadcast with TouchCast!

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