Where can a TouchCast video be played?

Everywhere ;)

TouchCast produces h264 video (.mp4 files) which can be played in almost all video players. And TouchCast avoids using overlays, meaning the interactive elements are actually baked into the video file... so even if you watch the video in a non-TouchCast compliant player, you'll still see everything.

That being said, TouchCast offers simple SDK's for 3rd party video players to integrate with our technology so that the videos can be fully interactive. TouchCasts offers SDKs for HTML, Flash and iOS players with Android coming soon. A TouchCast video is compatible with all modern browsers.

Current integrations include:

  • WordPress (through a WordPress Plugin)
  • YouTube (through a Chrome Extension to convert TouchCast vApps into YouTube annotations)
  • Dailymotion (coming soon)
  • Brightcove (coming soon)
  • Ooyala (coming soon)

TouchCast videos can also be played on the TouchCast platform of course on the Touch side of the apps or on, where every user is a channel.

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