How do I add a vApp to my TouchCast?

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vApps let you display almost anything as an interactive piece in your TouchCast. Choose from a wide range of available vApps to add images, videos, webpages, rating tools and more.

1. Navigate to the vApps tab in the authoring menu.

2. Tap the ADD A VAPP button. You will be presented with a list of choices, including web page, Google Map, Facebok Page and Ratings.

3. Selecting the vApp you want will lead you to instructions that will help you find the right content. Web-specific content will allow you to type in a URL or search by keyword.

4. Type in the URL or enter a search term and then tap PREVIEW to see what the final vApp will look like.

5. If you need to make changes, tap the EDIT button. Otherwise hit the ADD TO VIDEO button in the top right corner.

6. The vApp will now appear in your TouchCast at a default location. You can move it around by holding your finger onto the top left corner of the blue outline and dragging the box.

7. Once you have positioned the vApp accordingly, tap the top right corner of the blue outline to minimize the vApp. When you re-open the vApp by tapping it in your tray, it will appear in the same place.

8. To add more vApps to the tray, repeat steps 2-7.

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