How Can I Trim the Video?

1. Create a new TouchCast with the "Video Import" theme

Note that video import is only supported by the newer, faster iPads.  This includes iPad 4, iPad Air, and iPad Mini current generation.  Also note that you can only import TouchCasts without vApps.

2. Under the "TouchCast" tab, tap the TouchCast that you'd like to trim to import it into a new TouchCast

3. After your imported TouchCast appears in your NEW TouchCast, you will re-record it to trim

You can control the re-recording of your imported video in the "Video Import" tab on the bottom left.  When the "Video Import" tab is selected you will be able to view the video time scroll, which will help you determine when to STOP the recording, trimming the un-recorded section of the video.

4. Note the time scroll, and pause the recording at the moment you'd like to end the video, trimming the un-recording time at the end of the video, and then tap "Done"

5. View your trimmed TouchCast, and if you trimmed it at the right moment and are ready to finish, tap "Save Video and Project" in the top right

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