How to Record a Lesson in TouchCast

1. Create a new TouchCast

2. Turn camera off.  Add background.

3. Add a vApp.  In this example, we will choose Google Maps vApp.

4. Add a Google Map.  Enter your location.

5. Add map to video.

6. Map vApp will appear in your video like this.  Now add a title.

7. Choose title

8. To use the whiteboard, tap "Whiteboard"

9. Draw on your video canvas (in this case, a saxophone)

10. Choose a filter if you'd like (in this case Polka Dot filter)

11. To add a song or sound effects, in the "effects" tab, tap "select track" and it will prompt you to select from your itunes library, OR "sound effects"

12. If you'd like a sound effect, choose you sound effect

13. Tap "camera" tab, and add teleprompter text by tapping "edit"

14. Start Recording, and move through your lesson with the whiteboard and then vApps

15. 1. Make sure you present all the vApps in the vApp dock, by tapping on them to bring them into the video.  2. When you are done recording, tap "done" in the top right to finish

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